The Crystallized Axe is a unique axe with the ability to cut down any tree with only 1 blow, with limitations.


The Crystallized Axe caries the same shape as the Basic Hatchet and other axes, but its texture instead resembles crystals with jagged, uneven edges sticking out all over the axe (even on the handle). It is colored a shade of dark purple and uses Glass as its material. Its geode can somewhat be considered its "box", as it does not automatically open after 72 hours and can thus be traded or left in its closed state. The geode itself is oblong, somewhat spherical, and about the size of a player's torso.


Because of its extremely powerful nature, the Crystallized Axe may only be obtained within the first half-hour after Server Initialization. It is recommended to for one have all quest items in advance before attempting to obtain a Crystallized Axe, as the initial process will take about 15 minutes to complete.

First, the player must obtain a Silver Axe and some Dynamite. The Silver Axe can be bought from Wood R Us for 2040 Money, while Dynamite can be bought at Bob's Shack for 220 Money. The player must then drive to the top of the Volcano and drop their Silver Axe into the lava. If done within half an hour of server initialization, the lava will briefly flash pure white and the player may proceed. Once the axe has been sacrificed to the lava, the player should drive back down to the Boulder Cave with the Dynamite and detonate it in the very back of the cave; to the right. A wide ramp sloping gently downwards towards the Underground Grove will be revealed; the player will not be affected by heat if they walk down the ramp. The back wall of the Boulder Cave will seal itself again after 30 minutes, but this should not be a big problem for the player. Once at the Underground Grove, the player should wait for about 15 minutes for a geode to be formed at the edges one of the various lava pools accessible from the grove. During those 15 minutes, the geode's outline will slowly appear and can be seen easily by the player after 5 minutes of formation. However, if the geode has not been fully formed by half an hour after server initialization, it will simply freeze in whatever stage of progress it was in, the lava will become a darker shade of red, and a sad trombone audio clip will play to indicate failure. If successfully created, the geode will become a loose item that can be claimed by the first player who touches it. The geode as a loose item is surprisingly heavy for its size, rolls around a lot, and also damages any player who carries it for more than 30 seconds at a time. The player should then pick up their geode, go back through the Boulder Cave to their vehicle, and drop the geode off at their base. After 72 real-time hours, the geode will crack open when checked to reveal a long-awaited Crystallized Axe.


The Crystallized Axe has a unique property, wherein it separates the limbs any tree it cuts by means of crystallization. The crystallization happens slowly, though, with only 3 units of wood being crystallized per second. If one attempts to cut a tree in the process of crystallization with any axe, the tree will violently explode in a cloud of damaging crystal shards. Once a tree has finished crystallizing, though, it will revert back to normal (minus any leaves) within 3 seconds and all of its branches will separate and fall to the ground for an easy harvest. The trunk and branches can then be cut with axes and Chop Saws again like normal, but their wood (and subsequently plank) value will be changed to anywhere between 0.7 to 1.2 of their original value. Previously crystallized wood can still be milled into planks. Another feature of the Crystallized Axe is that players who hold it will gradually have all of their parts crystallized as well. This does not affect the player in any way except visually, but a player can only remove the effect by dying (e.g. resetting or falling into the void).

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