By now, I am sure that most users of the wiki are well aware of the newest. and most expensive, item to be released; the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye.

The eye itself seems somewhat unremarkable considering it holds the title of being the most expensive item currently available in Lumber Tycoon 2. This has led many, myself included, to speculate that it holds some sort of secret usefulness to the player. 

Here's my theory:


What are eyeballs used for normally?


What did Defaultio remove when he added the Ostrich Eye?

Vision, most notably in The Maze where it has been made almost impossible to see during the day and completely impossible during the night. I don't believe that Defaultio would make a feature of the game impossible, he must have created some solution to our new-found issue of complete and absolute darkness(which even lights cannot penetrate).

I believe the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye is the solution to the darkness. Somehow it can be used to aid in navigation. Perhaps simply owning an eye will grant you the ability to see in the maze, or perhaps the more eyes you own, the better your sight becomes. Maybe, and I personally hope this isn't the case, carrying the eyeball with you when travelling the maze will eliminate the darkness.

I have yet to experiment these theories but do intend to later. For now, this all remains speculation.

Please comment your own thoughts and opinions on this peculiar item. Thanks for your time. -Jerricks

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