The Utility Vehicle is a vehicle that can be purchased in Wood R Us for $400 Money. It is the cheapest car, but has the smallest rear compartment of all the vehicles. It useful for dangerous trips and low respawn cost.

It has headlights on the front that can be toggled using the "L" key, and a hitch available for trailers and a Wobblebobble. It has the highest engine pitch sound when activated.


The Utility Vehicle contains a driver seat and a passenger seat. It can spawn as any color that is listed in the game.

Its box is colored red/pink, with a picture of the Utility Vehicle. The reason why the truck in the picture on the box has no headlights is currently unknown.


For new players, it is difficult to obtain even a starter car like this, because in the beginning, one will have to walk long distances over and over again to get Wood, and then take even more time to fit the Wood in the Wood Dropoff. To obtain the Utility Vehicle, the player must own at least one plot of Land, and have at least $400 Money. Then, the player must go to the Wood R Us store, locate the box of the Utility Vehicle, and then drag it to the counter near Thom. The player may now speak with Thom and agree to buy the vehicle. The player must open the box and place it on a desired location at their base. If successful, the vehicle spawner will now be placed, plus a free vehicle on top of it.


To respawn the Utility Vehicle, the player must ensure that he has $8 Money and place their cursor on the orange circle found in the front of the Utility Vehicle's spawner. A box dialogue will appear and asks if the player wants to respawn the vehicle. Confirm by pressing 'E'.

(When placing a newly-bought Vehicle on the player's Land, that vehicle will automatically spawn).

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