The Utility Vehicle XL is a vehicle that can be purchased from Boxed Cars for $5,000 Money. As its name suggests, its only appearance difference from the standard Utility Vehicle is its increased length and width. The small bit of size difference isn't very noticeable. The engine also makes a different sound.


It has many of the same features as the other Vehicles. Players also have the ability to toggle the headlights on this vehicle through the use of the 'L' key. It also has a deeper engine pitch than the Utility Vehicle and the Val's All Purpose Hauler.


It contains a driver seat and a passenger seat. It can spawn as any color that is listed in the game. Its box is colored black and contains its decal on the front and backside of the box.


To obtain the vehicle, Players must own at least one plot of Land, have at least $5,100 Money ($100 needed for the Bridge). Then, the player must go to Boxed Cars in the Safari Shopping District and locate its box in the store and drag it to the counter near Jenny.

The player may now speak with Jenny and agree to purchase the vehicle. The player must then successfully purchase the boxed vehicle and retrieve it to their Land. Once unboxed and placed, the vehicle and its spawner will be ready to be used and accessed. A free vehicle will spawn on first placement of the spawner.

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