The VIP Room is a structure that may appear during server initialization. It spawns almost as soon as a server is created and is only visible for a very short period of time. As a result, it is extremely difficult to spot.

The room appears as a box-like shape and is covered in crude images and signs. The VIP Room contained multiple items, including an early model of a sawmill and multiple types of conveyors.

Purpose and use

While the VIP Room has no use today, during the pre-Alpha stage, it was used as an initial package when Wood R Us had not yet been implemented and Defaultio was still working on the creation of store scripts. It contained several items, each with common items found today in Wood R Us with the exception of LitleTruck and Stone Axe. The box with the conveyor decal, when unboxed, revealed a regular conveyor. Other items include the Fair Sawmill and the worklight. There is also a strange empty box that unboxes in a mundane chair, the "Text" box, which unboxes in nothing and the box Stone Axe, which today unboxes in an alpha axe of tests, thought to previously contain a stone axe.

Accessing the room

The only legitimate way to "access" the VIP room is simply to wait until the server startup finishes. Sometimes, the game's scripts may fail, preventing the despawning of the room (this is extremely unlikely). Some other ways to access it are to disconnect at the right time during startup or to load the box on a map explored in Studio. The only users who could access the VIP room were Defaultio, EpikYummeh, Player1 and Player 2 (these latter two only accessed by Roblox Studio) however the boxes that were outside the VIP room can be accessed by any user and if someone loads their base in the VIP Room Area, all items in and out will be saved in the User Base, however, it is unknown if these items will be reverted to newer items after the Base has been saved or those that do not exist in the game files (Such as Little Truck) will be removed.

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