Val's All-Purpose Hauler
Unboxed Boxed
Val's All-Purpose Hauler Valsboxed
Location Boxed Cars
Cost $19,000 Money
Type Vehicle
Usage Carrying wood, loose items, and player transportation
In-game Description
"Featuring doors, for your pleasure!"

The Val's All-Purpose Hauler is a vehicle that can be purchased from Boxed Cars for $19,000 Money. It is currently the largest vehicle in the game.


It can be spawned for $380 Money on a vehicle spawner, similar to all the other vehicles. The vehicle itself is the fifth most expensive (besides the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye, the Sawmax 02L, the Jingly Gift of Jingles, and Easy Building) purchase in the game.  

As of 4th of December the box is colored really black.  

The Val's All-Purpose Hauler is the only vehicle that has doors and a roof. It is also possible to spawn a pink Val's All-Purpose Hauler, which is usually sold and bought for large amounts of money among players.

The tailgate is not a widely known feature on this truck. The tailgate on the back of this truck, which, if opened at the front of the Wood Dropoff, will automatically unload all wood and loose items from inside the hauler's bed. Something to note is that wood, planks, or loose items will sometimes get stuck on the wheel arches, requiring the player to manually load them into the dropoff. Note that the cargo bed conveyor only works on the Wood Dropoff and not other conveyors.

The Val's All Purpose Hauler is faster than other vehicles, probably due to the space for a bigger and more powerful engine.

It is recommended to take caution when using this vehicle downhill with a full load, as it can go faster than the top speed if the player were to let go of the controls, applying to all vehicles, but especially this one due to the large cargo area and therefore heavy weight on a full load.