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Walnut Wood is a type of Wood that grows exclusively in the Safari. Most players tend to not chop the tree due to its low monetary value and poor aesthetic. This Tree was added on August 14, 2015.


It is roughly the same size as an Elm Tree when fully grown, with the exception of the tree's height and branching system. Its exterior is lighter than its interior, but both sport a brown hue.


Walnut trees can be found in the Safari, which is easily accessed by paying $100 money to the Main Biome side Bridge Booth to lower the Bridge and drive across it into the biome.

A vehicle is recommended for harvesting as dragging the wood back to the Main Biome is very inefficient. A Gingerbread Axe is also recommended, as its the most efficient when chopping this tree, although it may be difficult to obtain as it is no longer available in stores. In case that you don't have the axe, use a Silver Axe or better for efficient chopping, and a Sawmax 01 or better due to its log's large sizes.

If the player is too slow in harvesting the wood they may have to pay another $100 to Merely, in the Safari Bridge Booth to lower the Bridge again to let them back to the Main Biome.

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