The Winter Cabin, also known as The Cabin or the Ski Lodge (according to Roblox Winter Games blog), is a building located in the Taiga that was added along with the rest of the Roblox's "Winter Games 2017" Event.

The structure was never removed from the Taiga after the event concluded, remaining likely as a decorative element.


It is relatively large and has a very slanted roof on its main structure. It is built of dark-brown wood, similar to Bob's Shack. The outline of the structure is made out of dark-grey stone, along with the chimney and a pillar in the center.

There are two mini-structures connected to the cabin's main structure; the Snowglow Bin and its porch. They share the same design as with the whole cabin, covered with snowy roofs and made with dark-brown wood. The cabin's door is unique, as the other doors in the game can only be opened by pressing the E button. Its door, however, both its Snowglow Bin and need to be dragged open to provide access.

The interior of the cabin is dark, as there is no source of light except for the light that comes through the open door and any Firewood within of the cabin. The chimney is located to the left of the entrance, and a support pillar made out of stone in the middle. Music does not play inside.

There is also a hidden pink block under the floor of the cabin. However, this is merely another script-handler block. It is near the Snowglow Bin and can be easily seen by using Shift-Lock under the bin.

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