The Wobblebobble is an item that can be unwrapped from the Wobbly Gift of Uncertainty, a gift that was purchasable at Fancy Furnishings for $220 Money, as a part of the 2015 Christmas Event.


Aside from its color, the wobblebobble is identical to its counterparts. The box has a slightly darker shade of yellow, with the wobblebobble's decal on the front and back.

The wobblebobble is based on a Roblox hat called "Bighead".

The wobblebobble has various colors such as red and purple.


The wobblebobble has a strange property, where it stays upright in an intended position. It can also be hitched onto vehicles and will bobble around the attachment node when the vehicles are in motion.

Many players build Roblox player replicas using one of the Bobbles, Cavecrawler Wood, Zombie Wood, and Snowglow Wood.

A popular rumor states that it helps balance vehicles and prevent them from flipping, however, this is untrue. Because of it being a loose item, it can freely be used as decoration or for showcasing purposes.

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