The Wobblierbobblier is an event item that can be unboxed from the Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty, a gift that was purchasable at Fancy Furnishings for $220 Money. It's a part of the 2016 Christmas Event.


The Wobblierbobblier shares the same aspects with all the Wobbles, except for its bright-red coloration. Its box has a slightly darker shade of red than its unboxed form, with a decal of it on its squarest sides.

It is based on the "BiggerHead", a Roblox item.


Like the other Wobbles, it has a strange property, where it stays upright at any position. It can also be hitched onto vehicles and will swing around the hitch.

Many players believe that the Wobblierbobblier, along with the other Wobbles, helps balance vehicles and prevent them from flipping, but is untrue. It is also used for decorative and showcasing purposes and may result in humorous creations.

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