The Wood Dropoff is the main structure that exchanges Wood or Land Signs for Money. When a log, plank, or a Land Sign enters the structure, it will disappear and will automatically give the player a specific amount of Money.


The Wood Dropoff has two wide-end conveyors that each lead to areas that emit green particles, along with two overhead street lamps that were added along with a lighting update on June 9th, 2019. Below the conveyor is a green patch of what looks like a green liquid. When the logs inserted touch this substance, they will become sold, and the money will be transferred to the owner of the log inserted.

It is framed by brown wooden planks similar to the mainframe of the Shabby Sawmill, with a nameplate made out of white wooden planks with text spelling out "Wood Dropoff".

The dropoff extends to the interior of Wood R Us, which is guarded by black rope rails, with a sign on the structure saying "Wood dropoff on side of the store".

It is surrounded by yellow concrete posts, and has a sign flipped backward that says "Collect ticket inside"(the function is still a mystery at the moment). The conveyors allow the Val's All-Purpose Hauler and 531 Hauler to act as a conveyor when its tailgate touches the conveyor.

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