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Wood R Us is a large supply store that is open 24/7 and is found directly in front of the spawn area, in the Main Biome. The store contains and sells vital items for game-play. 

Features and Anomalies

Rough floorplan of Wood R Us

  1. Wood Dropoff
    • Located on the store's side, the Wood Dropoff is the only feature that exchanges Wood for Money besides trading.
  2. Accessing the store roof:
    • There is a ladder hidden above the large Blueprints sign above the Blueprints section of the store.
    • If one is able to jump on top of the large sign or use other items to access it, players may climb the small ladder through a hole, and access the top of the store.
  3. Rukiryaxe Posters
    • The store contains two Rukiryaxe Posters, one located behind the wood drop off, and the other on the back side of the large roof sign. These posters hint players of the Rukiryaxe quest.
  4. Bulletin Board
    • The Bulletin Board is a very famous feature, which is located within the store. It consists of papers and posters, which gives hints and teasers for players, as well as a few jokes and laughs.
  5. Pink Spheres
    • The Pink Spheres are, hence the name, pink-colored spheres that hold scripts for the game,located within the roof of the store.
  6. Wood R Us Pit
    • The Wood R Us Pit was a strange and mysterious hole that appeared sometime during early to mid-December, 2016. As of January, 2016, when the "Nothing is random" poster appeared on the Bulletin Board, it was removed and has been patched up by grass. However, below the previous hole, is an unused Snowglow Bin that remains up to the game's current status.
  7. Retirement Stand
    • The Retirement Stand is a platform from which items that were sold before in Wood R Us resides, located below the Wood Dropoff.
  8. Store sign on Halloween
  • On Halloween the beard on the store sign becomes a skull with a beard and it doesn't say Wood R Us.


Item Picture Cost
Basic Hatchet THUMBBOXbasichatchet.png $12 "It's not the greatest axe, but it will get the job done."
Plain Axe THUMBBOXplainaxe.png $90 "Put some grease into your swings"
Steel Axe THUMBBOXsteelaxe.png $190 "A quality mid-level cutting tool for general applications."
Hardened Axe THUMBBOXhardenedaxe.png $550 "This axe has carried the greats through the harshest of winters, and it can carry you to your dreams"
Silver Axe THUMBBOXsilveraxe.png $2,040 "It is said that this axe was forged from the axe heads of one hundred great fallen lumberjacks"
Alpha Axe of Testing
(no longer purchasable)
THUMBBOXalphaaxe.png $500 "Thanks for ALPHA Testing the game!"
Beta Axe of Bosses
(no longer purchasable)
THUMBBOXbetaaxe.png $1,100 "Thanks for beta testing!"
Stone Axe
(no longer purchasable)
"Get started at cutting wood"
Shabby Sawmill THUMBBOXshabby.png $130 "This sawmill does what you need to start turning logs into planks, but you will need to upgrade to cut larger logs"
Fair Sawmill THUMBBOXfair.png $1,600 "An intermediate sawmill that will have your planks dancing out of their socks"
Sawmax 01 THUMBBOX01.png $11,000 "A top of the line machine that accepts large logs for heavy duty applications."
Sawmax 02 THUMBBOX02.png $22,500 "A beefy sawmill for super serious saw milling needs."
Sawmax 02L THUMBBOX02l.png $86,500 "Extra length capacity for your extra long needs."
Straight Conveyor
$80 "Move stuff to where it needs to be."
Tilted Conveyor
$95 "Give your conveyors a boost."
Funnel Conveyor
$60 "Makes it easier to drop wood onto a conveyor."
Tight Turn Conveyor
$100 "Turn tightly."
Switch Conveyor
$320 "Send your stuff where it needs to go."
Wood Sweeper
$430 "Pushes long pieces of wood sideways so they can stack nicely."
Conveyor Supports
$12 "Get your conveyors in the air."
Turn Conveyor Supports
$20 Get your turn conveyors in the air."
Straight Conveyor Switch Left
$480 "Use this to redirect wood from a straight path."
Straight Conveyor Switch Right
$480 "Use this to redirect wood from a straight path."
Worklight THUMBBOXworklight.png $80 "Get the job done no matter what the time of day is."
Bag of Sand THUMBBOXsandbag.png $1,600 "Time for Sands Castle."
Utility Vehicle THUMBBOXutility.png $400 "You can get a little bit around."
Fence THUMBfence.png $80 "For your fencing needs."
Fence THUMBthinfence.png $80 "A short variety."
Fence Corner THUMBfencecorner.png $80 "When you've got to take a turn in your life."
Short Fence THUMBshortfence.png $80 "For your short fencing needs."
Short Fence THUMBthinshortfence.png $80 "A short(double short) variety."
Short Fence Corner THUMBshortfencecorner.png $80 "Your dog still doesn't have a college education. What is he doing with his life?"
Smooth Wall THUMBsmoothwall.png $80 "It's so smooth you could rub your face all over it."
Smooth Wall THUMBsmoothwall2.png $80 "It's a smooth wall and it's shorter than a not short smooth wall. Take note."
Smooth Wall Corner THUMBsmoothwallcorner.png $80 "Make those corners delicious."
Short Smooth Wall THUMBshortsmoothwall2.png $80 "Not only short but also smooth and also wall."
Short Smooth Wall THUMBsmoothwallstub2.png $80 "This short smooth wall is so short that Tomarty ugly."
Short Smooth Wall Corner THUMBshortsmoothwallcorner.png $80 "It's so short you could get poked by it."
Smooth Wall Stub THUMBsmoothwallstub.png $80 "Serious business."
Smooth Wall Stub THUMBsmoothwallstub2.png $80 "Do you feel it?"
Smooth Wall Corner Stub THUMBsmoothwallcornerstub.png $80 "Yeah I know it's a stub but ask yourself: what's a stub to you?"
Corrugated Wall THUMBcorrugatedwall.png $80 "Sometimes life gets rough."
Corrugated Wall THUMBcorrugatedwall2.png $80 "ZolarKeth will get you through your hard times."
Corrugated Wall Corner THUMBcorrugatedwallcorner.png $80 "Not compatible with apple or android mobile devices."
Short Corrugated Wall THUMBshortcorrugatedwall.png $80 N/A
Short Corugated Wall THUMBshortcorrugatedwall2.png $80 N/A
Short Corugated Wall Corner THUMBshortcorrugatedwallcorner.png $80 "If you need a short corner, consider this option."
Corrugate Wall Stub THUMBshortcorrugatedwall2.png $80 "For your stubby corrugated wall needs."
Corrugate Wall Stub THUMBcorrugatedwallstub.png $80 "Speaking of stub, don't stub your toe on it."
Corrguated Wall Corner Stub THUMBcorrugatedwallcornerstub.png $80 N/A
Tiny Tile THUMBtinytile.png $80 "Way to small for you."
Small Tile THUMBsmalltile.png $80 "Thin tile applications like covering surfaces."
Tile THUMBtile.png $80 "Thin tile applications like covering surfaces."
Large Tile THUMBlargetile.png $80 "Thin tile applications like covering surfaces."
Tiny Floor THUMBtinyfloor.png $80 "Too small for you."
Small Floor THUMBsmallfloor.png $80 N/A
Floor THUMBfloor.png $80 N/A
Large Floor THUMBlargefloor.png $80 N/A
Square Table THUMBsquaretable.png $80 "For all your little square table needs. Put your vase on it, or maybe your favorite wood."
Long Table THUMBlongtable.png $80 "For when a table that's not long just isn't enough."
Mundane Chair THUMBmundanechair.png $80 "This chair is nothing crazy, but if you've really got to take a seat, it will do the job."
Basic Door THUMBbasicdoor.png $80 "For getting in and getting out."
Half Door THUMBhalfdoor.png $80 "For half getting in and half getting out."
Fat Door THUMBfatdoor.png $80 "For getting in and getting out if u need some more width so 😳."
Steep Stairs THUMBsteepstairs.png $80 "A 1 / 1 stair for getting some serious attitude."
Stairs THUMBstairs.png $80 "A 1 / 2 grade stair for the casual stair climber."
Ladder THUMBladder.png $80 "Gotta go up!"
Post THUMBpost.png $80 "This is a serious business post"
4 / 4 Wedge THUMB44wedge.png $80 "4 / 4 is 45 degrees. A steep incline for steep applications."
4 / 4 x 1 Wedge THUMB441wedge.png $80 "For all your 4 / 4 x 1 wedge needs."
3 / 4 Wedge THUMB34wedge.png $80 "A moderately steep wedge."
3 / 4 x 1 Wedge THUMB341wedge.png $80 "For all your 3 / 4 x 1 wedge needs."
2 / 4 Wedge THUMB24wedge.png $80 "An easy incline for your casual inclinations."
2 / 4 x 1 Wedge THUMB241wedge.png $80 "For all your 2 / 4 x 1 wedge needs."
1 / 4 Wedge THUMB14wedge.png $80 "A super shallow wedge for those who don't have empathy."
1 / 4 x 1 Wedge THUMB141wedge.png $80 "For all your 1 / 4 x 1 wedge needs."
3 / 3 Wedge THUMB33wedge.png $80 "For all your 3 x 3 wedge needs"
3 / 3 x 1 Wedge THUMB331wedge.png $80 "For all your 3 / 3 x 1 wedge needs."
2 / 3 Wedge THUMB23wedge.png $80 "F o r a l l y o u r 2 / 3 w e d g e n e e d s ."
2 / 3 x 1 Wedge THUMB231wedge.png $80 "For all your 2 / 3 x 1 wedge needs.
1 / 3 Wedge THUMB13wedge.png $80 "For all you 1 / 3 wedge needs."
1 / 3 x 1 Wedge THUMB131wedge.png $80 "For all your 1 / 3 x 1 needs."
2 / 2 Wedge THUMB22wedge.png $80 "For all your 2 / 2 wedge needs."
2 / 2 x 1 Wedge THUMB221wedge.png $80 "For all your 2 / 2 wedge needs."
1 / 2 Wedge THUMB12wedge.png $80 "For all your 1 / 2 wedge needs"
1 / 2 x 1 Wedge THUMB121wedge.png $80 "For all your 1 / 2 x 1 wedge needs."
1 / 1 Wedge THUMB11wedge.png $80 "For all your 1 / 1 wedge needs."
1 / 1 x 1 Wedge THUMB111wedge.png $80 "For all your 1 / 1 x 1 wedge needs."
Wire THUMBBOXbasicwire.png $205 "Use wire to connect devices together."
Chop Saw THUMBBOXchopsaw.png $12,200 "Big wood demands a big saw. This one's got you covered."
Button THUMBBOXbutton.png $320 "Use a wire to connect this button to another button or switch to operate it remotely"
Lever THUMBBOXlever.png $500 "Use a wire to connect this lever to another button or switch to operate it remotely."
Pressure Plate THUMBBOXpressureplate.png $640 "Generate a signal when anything is on the surface of the pressure plate."
2015 Christmas (no longer purchasable)
Fiery Gift of Lumber THUMBfierygift.png $14,000 "Cut a little wood, cut a lot of wood. You're a lumber person, and you know how to get the job done."
Wobbly Gift of Uncertainty Noobgifthiddenj.png $220 "???"
2016 Thanksgiving (no longer purchasable)
Turkey THUMBBOXturkey.png $200 "Get your turkey on Turkey Thursday."
2016 Christmas (no longer purchasable)
Sweet Gift Sweet Gift.png $6,000 "Hm, sweet!"
2017 Thanksgiving (no longer purchasable)
Blue Bone Turkey THUMBBOXblueturkey.png $200 "There are many legends of the blue bone turkey, but none of them are true."
2017 Christmas (no longer purchasable)
The Gift of Great Times Gift of Great Times.png $12,000 N/A
Wobbly Gift of High Confidence Wobbly Gift of High Confidence Fix.png $470 "You are confident about what is in this gift."
2018 Halloween (no longer purchasable)
Bag of Candy THUMBBOXcandybag.png $411 "On most days of the year, you should avoid accepting candy from strangers."
2018 Thanksgiving (no longer purchasable)
Green Bone Turkey THUMBBOXgreenturkey.png $292 "Only by request."
2018 Christmas (no longer purchasable)
Warm Gift of Love and Safety WarmGiftStockImg.png $627 "This gift soothes you."
Gingerbread Gift GingerbreadGiftStockImg.png $62,000 "Yes it's a gingerbread gift."
Orange Gift of Traffic Control and Corporate Power TrafficGiftStockImg.png $4,024 "On an unrelated note, please play CONE."
2019 Thanksgiving (No longer purchasable)
Pink Bone Turkey THUMBBOXpinkturkey.png $294 "HOW IS IT PINKKKKK !!!! 😱 😆😆"
2019 Christmas (No longer purchasable)
Old Gift of Oxidation OxidationWrap.png $16,004 "Smells like iron!"
Gift of Good Health GoodHealthGiftWrap.png $430 "It makes you hungry."
2020 Halloween (No longer purchasable)
Candy Corn Axe THUMBBOXcandycornaxe.png $9,400 "Everybody likes candy corn ???"
2020 Christmas (No longer purchasable)
Spooky Deep Earth Gift SpookyGift.png $32,089 "Eeeaarrooohhh"
Gift with Green Candy Cane Stripes GreenCandyCaneGift.png $128 "The gift has stripes that resemble a green candy cane."
2021 Halloween (no longer purchasable)
Green Bag of Candy THUMBBOXgreencandybag.png $622 "Green bag? Green candy? Now that is suspicious."
2021 Thanksgiving (no longer purchasable)
Spicy Turkey THUMBBOXspicyturkey.png $294 "It's spicy!"
2021 Christmas (no longer purchasable)
Gift Of Critically Acclaimed Knowledge Gift Of Critically Acclaimed Knowledge.png $805 "This gifts make you feel ready to brawl!"
Murky Gift of Goo Murkygift.png $29,500 "This one smells kinda funky."
Gift with Yellow Candy Cane Stripes Gift with Yellow Candy Cane Stripes.png $129 "The gift has stripes that resemble a yellow candy cane?"
Tall Gift of Stripes Tallgiftofstripes.png $204 "Pin"
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