The Wood R Us Pit was an anomaly that was added on December 22nd, 2016. It was found at the back-left side of Wood R Us, next to the road.


Below the coal-like texture, there is a duplicate of the Snowglow Bin from the Winter Games 2017 Event. Dynamite did not have any effect on the pit, and there had been many tests on this pit including the Lump of Coal, Wobblebobbles, and Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eyes. The pit was known to act strangely and had even deleted items inside it. It was unknown whether this was intentional. There are three shelves located beneath the pit's location, which were previously used to temporarily store various wedge Blueprints.

As of now, this pit is covered by the surrounding land. There also used to be another pit called the Taiga Pit, however; it was later replaced by the Snowglow Bin. Underneath the pit and the bin, there is currently a green Wood Dropoff, similar to the two at Wood R Us and the one at the Winter Cabin.


The pit had plank walls about 6 studs deep. The pit was surrounded by wood the same color as Bob's Shack. At the bottom of this pit was a black pebble texture that also appears in the Snowglow Bin. Not much is known about this. These, however, were discovered before the addition of the Wood R Us Pit. The pit is big enough to fit two BIG GIFTs, and one Small Trailer or 531 Hauler.


Other than this pit, there was another pit that has the same structure in the Taiga, similarly to the one in the Wood R Us Pit. However, the Taiga Pit (Snowglow Bin) was soon updated for the Winter Games 2017 Event. This pit might have been a scrapped idea, or a test, due to the similar bin underneath it. 

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