The Worklight is a loose item and a light source that is purchasable at Wood R Us for $80 Money. People buy these often due to their low price and ease of access, and also often use them going to dark and unforgiving places (also due to the low cost and portability), such as the End Times Biome, the MazeLost Cave, and other places during nightime.


The Worklight sports a yellow color on its main frame. The light itself is white, surrounded with a black frame. Its box has a dirty-white color, and has the Worklight's decal on its widest sides. To the rear of the light, it has a yellow block which would normally house the batteries and electronics.

It has a button on its left side which when toggled on, will change the button's color to green and will emit light. When off, the button will have a red color and will emit no light.


A black Worklight box was present on the Retirement Stand. It was a slightly bigger box than the original box. It is unknown why it was placed there, as this item was never released for sale. It was then replaced by a Chop Saw and Wire box, on June 13th, 2016.

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