Yes! – It's the Land Store, colloquially the Land Store, is a store located beside the Wood R Us store, within the Main Biome. It is the only store that sells Land plots and is supposedly owned by Ruhven.


The store has a nameplate that is very eye-catching, containing 3 different colors. It spells out the store's name, all in the bold-lettered text, with its famous, hot pink "Yes!". The store is enclosed with grey, concrete walls, blue-tinted windows, and an entrance without a door.

Its interior also has the same grey, concrete walls, and found inside a spacious room, filled with six chairs. An enclosed section can be found at the end of the store's interior. Residing behind it is Ruhven, a few wooden crates and boxes, and a Rukiryaxe Poster. The glass at the enclosed section, however, is not tinted blue, unlike the other windows of the store.


Plot Cost
1st $100
2nd $3,000
3rd $6,000
4th $9,000
5th $12,000
6th $15,000
7th $18,000
8th $21,000
9th $24,000
10th $27,000
11th $30,000
12th $33,000
13th $36,000
14th $39,000
15th $42,000
16th $45,000
17th $48,000
18th $51,000
19th $54,000
20th $57,000
21th $60,000
22th $63,000
23th $66,000
24th $69,000
25th $72,000

The total cost of all the plots is $900,100 Money. When all 25 plots are bought and you attempt to buy more land, the first time Ruhven will say "Looks like we're all out of plots :(" and any other time beyond that, he will say "Ok!", both of these times, nothing will happen.


The store was not the same as it is now when it was added; it had a grey, marble nameplate with dull, bold-lettered text, but still keeping the original store name. The glass was not tinted blue, and it had brown, wooden chairs inside, with each wall having five chairs. Ruhven, however, did not change. On the 22nd of July, 2019 the wooden chairs were added back, this time using the same model as the buildable Mundane Chair, with only three on each wall.


A glitch where Land can be bought without spending any Money was present before and was abused by many players. The game creator, Defaultio, has now fixed this glitch.

A glitch most likely to occur at a public server is when a player is on the special cutscene buying or upgrading a new plot of Land. The brown particles and sound will still be present in the game after the player who left the game left.

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