Zombie Wood, also known as Green Wood, is a species of Wood that is found exclusively in the Swamp along with Gold Wood. It's leaves are grey with the granite texture and have a square surface. When sawed, this wood is a very bright green. Its leaves looks like a grey countertop sold at Fancy Furnishings. Zombie Wood was added on August 28, 2015.


Its bark is colored Sea Green and is textured Concrete, like any other tree bark. It usually grows horizontally, similarly to Cavecrawler Wood, however it does not grow as big as Cavecrawler Wood.

It can grow to a very large size due to how the game handles tree growth; trees have a maximum height that they can grow to, but not a maximum width. Since its trees grow horizontally rather than vertically, it can have an unlimited lateral size as long as it does not grow upwards past its maximum height, making this tree theoretically the largest in game. The largest Zombie Wood tree ever seen was about the width of a plot of land.


It is recommended to use a Silver Axe or better to chop the wood, and to use a Sawmax 01 or better for milling.

The most recommended method to get to its exclusive spawn place is through blowing up the Rock Bridge. The Safari Mountain Passage can also be used to enter the Swamp, but a method of using planks to scale up the cliffside is for efficiency.

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